Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Welcome to our blog where you can see our progress and meet the creatives behind Interpret This. 

What is Interpret This?

24 People. 24 Words. 576 Vines
An experiment of taste and collaboration.

A creator’s most powerful tool is their voice. So what happens when you give a group of innovative individuals the opportunity to express their unique versions of twenty-four everyday words? The result: Interpret This where Vine’s six second platform allows the different tastes and mindsets of people to come to light. It is through this that we produce a wheel of content that allows you to experience these words through the eyes of twenty-four students in a small university town.

It is when we are most constrained that we are forced to be the most creative.

Twitter: @InterpretThis24
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Instagram: @intepret_this
Website: interpretthis.ca